You want to look back on your wedding day and smile remembering the special moments… Not the sleepless nights that went into planning it.

Steffi Thasler
Owner and Founder of Lacuna Weddings

There is no better feeling in life than the feeling you get knowing you have helped someone, and seeing the smile on their faces afterwards. That is what inspires me to bring your special day to life.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Events Management and Business at ICMS in Manly’s Northern Beaches, I knew one day I would create something special in the events Industry. Being lucky enough to receive a job specialising in venue sourcing and liaising straight after my degree, I learned quickly the fundamental skills required to piece together a cohesive, well executed event.

As the Wedding Planner behind all Lacuna weddings, my mission is to assist you and your partner plan the wedding you envisage and create a memorable, wholesome event for you and your guests. I provide a very bespoke wedding planning experience where I talk you through all of the services we offer and help you create a structured package, suitable to your specific wedding planning needs.

I very much look forward to working with you and making those dreams become a reality.